Our prices

#1 Those who need transportation and inner tubes.
 ($50 per person).
Float - ​Bardwell's Ferry to Stillwater (4 miles)
Includes - Parking, transportation, pickup, personal tubes, cooler tubes and life jackets. 

#2  For those who still want to do the two car shuffle.
($20 for the car +1 person )
Parking w/no transportation to Stillwater but transportation for one person to retrieve car 

Portage service (still under construction)

NOTE We are presently in negotiations with White Birch Campground in Whatley to move our operations there. If successful there will be hot showers, a pool and camping available. This is an exciting possibility - fingers crossed. 

(We don't ask what is in your cooler or tell you what you can or cannot do on the river.)
(For the romantic in you: the drive is 30 minutes through beautiful New England countryside.) 

Please read because this is how it works -

You make a reservation.
You pack your picnic.
You show up ready to have fun.
We great you and answer all your questions
We transport you up to the put in point
We provide inner tubes and life jacket that you need 
You get on the river
You sing the songs and laugh with your friends
We pick you and your equipment up at the end
We return you to you car
You enjoy the surroundings and depart at your leisure. 

We accept MC Visa AMEX and cash

Make your reservation now (text 413-282-7678)
Date, name, number is party, contact info.  
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Our Trips 

- please read so that you understand what working with us  is all about. 

Things to understand
We are an outfitting business. Our business is to provide you with river worthy inner tubes and transportation to the put in point.  
Choosing to float down the river is your responsibility. 
The trip can take 3-5 hours. There are no bathrooms or storeson the river.  You might have to walk on slippery rocks.  Water, food and sunscreen  and knowing how to swim is a good idea. 
Small people - (age requirements) -  our business model is not to tell you what you can or cannot do on the river that is your responsibility and it applies to age too.  That being said we think that it is important  to know how to swim and bringing a life vest is always a good idea. From our perspective If you are a small person - please let us know because we can provide smaller sized inner tube - it will just make the ride more comfortable. 
We are only able to make financial recompense if the situation is within our control.
We cannot control the flow or height of the river, the time it takes or how much you enjoy your trip. The trees and the rain gods do that job. 
We reserve the right to refuse a sale and make changes to the schedule. 
We cannot control your decisions.
Please take this all into consideration. We will work our hardest to do what we do - provide you a sturdy, river worthy tube, be nice, transport you safely,  provide you with information that we receive from the experiences of others on the river. 
The attractions and speed of the river change depending on weather and seasonal factors.  

All times are approximate.

Reservations are required; same day reservations are available. Please call 413.282.7678 when you arrive at the pick-up point

Presently for inner tubes and water craft we service Bardwell's Ferry to Stillwater 
For water craft we also provide service for Stillwater, Greenfield, Sunderland and Red Rocks in Hatfield. 

Other Information - we provide this to help you make your tubing decision. 

Typically, TransCanada releases have minimal affect on the water level from Bardwell's Ferry to Stillwater.  Run off and the trees drinking up the water have a greater effect. 
You can check Waterline or call 1.800.452.1737 and enter 255126 to find out how the water is flowing on any given day in the Charlemont area. Low water flows there can be used as a time guide for Bardwells ferry to Stillwater. Dam releases do not affect this part of the river. 
700 CFS = 2 - 2.5 hours
350 CFS = 3 - 3.5 hours
300 CFS = 3.5-5 hours

320 CFS and less there are shallow areas where walking is the only way through (50-100 feet).  For some this is part of the river experience, for others this is not an enjoyable experience.  Under the LINKS tab you can find the forecasted flow rates. 
We are told that lying on your stomach and pulling your self through the rapids can be an effective way to navigate the spots that are more shallow.  Paddling in the spots that are flowing slowly can speed up your time on the river
Subject to changes there are many places to picnic and swim. During the early part of the season there are several waterfalls along the way. There are also rope swings and cliffs at the end of the trip. 
.... caution is encouraged. 

There are 4 class 1 rapids (light chop) and areas of slower moving water. When the river is running at 320 CFS  or less between the 2nd and 3rd rapid is a shallow stretch that is approximately 100 feet long.   Some people can make it through on a tube, others choose to walk.

River shoes are suggested.  After the 4th rapid there is an area of deep still water. If, at this juncture, you chose to stop your river ride there is a pathway on the right hand side of the river  leading to the parking lots. 

We strongly encourage you and your friends to be safe on the river, including knowing how to swim. the use of personal flotation devices by children and weak swimmers, sunscreen, picnics, water, river shoes, dry bags /double ziplocks and sensible decision making. 

The information we share with you comes from the stories we have been told by those who have gone down the river this year.  

The river constantly changes with dam releases, weather, rain, and mother nature.  The Deerfield River is a pristine and precious local treasure and is support to myriad species including eagles, pileated woodpeckers, bears, moose, frogs, fish and so forth. Please help us keep the ecosystem in balance. Tread lightly, leave only footprints, take only memories. 

There is no development along this part of the river and mother nature has its way. Debris can float down stream, tree's can fall in, coolers can tip over and cans, plastic  and bottles can get caught up in the river.
Please help us keep the area clean by packing out all you bring in and if you get a chance a few items that others have left behind.   
In an effort to keep the river nice we will take all trash and recyclables that you bring us. 
Thanks DRP
3.5 miles of pristine, undeveloped, natural river.  2 hours west of Boston Massachusetts, and 1.5 hours north of Hardford, Connecticut. The Deerfield River is a true gem. River tubing down the river is a great way to enjoy it.  There is no development along this part  of the river so there are opportunities to view pristine forest and wildlife. ©2008 - 2014 Deerfield River Portage