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Call/Text 413.282.7678 (PORT) for on-demand pick-up.

Full Service River Tubing
Coupon Codes and discounts available

 $53 per person*
$40 for youth (age 6-17)*
Please inquire about large group pricing.
*Prices reflect $5 off per person using coupon code JULYSAVEFIVE.


What is Full Service River Tubing?
Full service river tubing is our most commonly selected service. It includes parking, transportation to and from the river, and all of the equipment required for an amazing float!!! 

 What do I need to bring with me?

sunscreen, footwear that can get wet (water shoes or tevas are best, old sneakers will do. You have to be able to get safely to and from the river, and sometimes depending on water levels, there may be 3 or 4 spots where some walking is required on the river. You'll want footwear!), a hard plastic cooler with snacks & drinks (fabric coolers do not hold up well in the river!!! Please remember that float times can be from 2-6 hours, you'll at least want water with you.), t-shirt(s) in a ziplock in your cooler (if you tend to get chilly easily, you'll want something dry to put on.), and finally, a cellphone in 3-4 ziplocks in your cooler (you need a phone to call for pick-up at the end of your float).


Equipment Rental Only

$50 ($30 rental fee plus a $20 deposit per tube.)
$20 deposit for cooler tubes and life jackets.
deposits are refunded when equipment is returned.

What is Equipment Rental Only?

Sometimes you just need a tube, or three, or seven. When life catches you short a floatation device, we're here for you! You do need to bring your own rope and two plus vehicles in order to make this option happen. Call/text us for a reservation time, we'll have the equipment ready for you when you arrive. We'll help you load up your tube transport vehicle with your rented equipment, lend you a life jacket and tube for your cooler to float in should you require these items, find you a safe parking spot for your secondary vehicle, and tell you everything you need to know in order to do the float on your own!


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Make your reservation now (call/text 413-282-7678)
​with your name, phone number, group size, and date.
Reservations are free to make and are usually available same day!


Trip Info

Packing list: hard plastic medium sized (bigger is ok too!) cooler w/snacks & drinks, sunscreen, t-shirts (in ziplocks or a dry bag), river shoes, cellphone in a waterproof case or 3-4 ziplocks!

Float from Bardwell's Ferry
(apx. 3.4 miles with 4 mild rapids)

Here's how it works -

You make a reservation.
Plan on arriving exactly at your reservation time.*
You pack your picnic.
We transport you up to the top.
We provide inner tubes and life jackets and a tube for your cooler.
You get on the river.
When you are done floating, call for pick-up.
Our transport picks you up and returns you to your car.

*If you will be more than 15 minutes late for your reservation time, please contact us, we will try to fit you in.  You may have to wait for other groups with reservations to go first.


The attractions and speed of the river change depending on weather and seasonal factors.  

All times are approximate.

Water Levels

Typically, TransCanada releases have minimal affect on the water level from Bardwell's Ferry.  
You can check Waterline or call 1-800-452-1737. Water flow levels listed can be used as a time guide for your float. 

700 CFS = 2 - 3.5 hours
350 CFS = 3.5 - 5 hours
300 CFS = 3.5 - 6 hours

If the river is running 320 CFS or lower, some walking may be required through the shallow points.
Subject to change: There are many places to picnic and swim. During the early part of the season there are typically several waterfalls along the way.  
There are 4 class 1 rapids (light chop) and areas of slower moving water. When the river is running at 320 CFS or less, there is a 100 foot long shallow stretch between the 2nd and 3rd rapids. Some people can make it through on a tube, others choose to walk. River shoes or sturdy footwear are suggested.

We strongly encourage you and your friends to be safe on the river, including knowing how to swim, the use of personal flotation devices by children and weak swimmers, sunscreen, picnics, drinking water, river shoes or sturdy sandals, dry bags/double Ziplocks, and sensible decision making. 

The Deerfield River is a pristine and precious local treasure and is support to myriad species including eagles, pileated woodpeckers, bears, moose, frogs, fish and others. Please help us keep the ecosystem in balance. Tread lightly, leave only footprints, take only memories. There is no development along this part of the river and mother nature has its way. Debris can float down stream, trees can fall in, coolers can tip over and cans, plastic, and bottles can get caught up in the river. Please pack-out what you packed-in.

In an effort to keep the river nice for all users, we will take all trash and recyclables that you bring to us. 

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3.5 miles of pristine, undeveloped, natural river.  2 hours west of Boston Massachusetts, and 1.5 hours north of Hartford, Connecticut. ©2008 - 2015 Deerfield River Portage